EUROPE and NORTH AMERICA 2020 Tours Postponed

“We have an unfortunate announcement to make, though we suspect most of you won’t be surprised. Due to extreme circumstances outside of our control and related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the touring activities for 2020 Demolition of North America trek are postponed. Only four European dates are yet to be postponed as they are scheduled for later in the year. With all the bans being imposed on gatherings and all the health concerns involved, there was simply no way around to keep the April and May dates.

We are working hard behind the scenes to reschedule the dates as soon as it is safe for everyone. There’s nothing we enjoy more than playing for our fans, and we were looking forward to playing both Europe and North American this year, but health is the most valuable thing in life and we need to ensure that the well-being of everyone is not at stake at any of our shows.

All of your favorite bands, now more than ever, need your support. The best and fastest way you can do this is by picking up a shirt from one of their online stores (ours is now up and running at this location). These sorts of funds are the ones that pass through to a band the fastest and will help to keep them going through this down season, a roof over their family, and food in their children’s mouths.

We understand this infectious plague is spreading rapidly and negatively affecting more of us each and every day. We encourage all of you to look after yourselves properly, maintain hygienic practices and social distances, and pay attention to all governing and medical advisories.

In the meantime, we are going to continue to work on new music!

All our love,

The band”

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